February 18, 2019

Why Are So Many People Abandoning Vegan Diet? Dr Joel Fuhrman

Why are so many people quitting veganism? Is a plant based diet flawed or is it the way we are designing our particular vegan diet that is failing? Many vegans have been reporting stomach issues on a vegan diet but what about muscle wasting, weakness, loss of strength on a plant based diet? Are starch based vegans diets safe or can they lead to problems? Is a high fat low carb vegan diet really healthy? Keep listening as Dr Joel Fuhrman answers these questions…..

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Association of insulin-like growth factor-1 with mild cognitive impairment and slow gait speed.

Meta-analysis and dose-response metaregression: circulating insulin-like growth factor I (IGF-I) and mortality.

Nutrition, insulin, IGF-1 metabolism and cancer risk: a summary of epidemiological evidence.

Both low and high serum IGF-I levels associate with cancer mortality in older men.

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