January 21, 2019

Veganism vs Vegetarianism: Is a Vegan Diet Only Marginally Better for the Environment?

My response to “Vegan for 30 Days: What They Don’t Tell You” by Katherout. Overall, I think it’s a great video on common positives and negatives of going vegan. But there are a couple of statements made by Katherout that I disagree with: that the “ideal” vegan diet doesn’t include any meat alternatives like mock meat, and that a vegan diet is only marginally better than a vegetarian one in terms of environmental impact.


Katherout’s video

Story from a Once-Failing, Now-Thriving Vegan (jacknorrisrd)

Story from a Once-Failing, Now-Thriving Vegan

Number of Animals Killed to Produce One Million Calories in Eight Food Categories

Carrying capacity of U.S. agricultural land: Ten diet scenarios

New FAO report assesses dairy greenhouse gas emissions

Dietary greenhouse gas emissions of meat-eaters, fish-eaters, vegetarians and vegans in the UK

The Impacts of Dietary Change on Greenhouse Gas Emissions, Land Use, Water Use, and Health: A Systematic Review

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