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Christmas dinner ideas/ recipes!
Recipes down below –
Garlic Thyme Roasted Potatoes 

1. 2kg Potatoes
2. 7 small Garlic cloves
3. Thyme
4. Salt, pepper, olive oil

Peel and boil the potatoes half way done.
Preheat oven to 180.
Place the potatoes on the baking tray, top them with crushed garlic, thyme, spices and olive oil.
Cook potatoes till golden brown for about 30min – 50 min.

Cranberry/ Apple/ Orange Christmas drink

1. 300g Cranberries
2. 3 Oranges
3. 4 Apples
4. Agave
5. 2 Cinnamon sticks,2 tbsp cloves, 2 cardamon pods

Prepare fruits and place them in to a pot together with cinnamon, cloves and cardamon. Add water and boil them on the medium heat for about 40min. Add agave to sweeten the drink to your taste. 
Strain the drink to separate liquid. 

Onion Cream sauce

1. 2 large Onions
2. 300ml Soy single cream (or cashew cream)
3. 1/2 cup Water (or any plant based milk)
4. Salt, pepper, olive oil

Cut an onion in half lengthwise and slice really thinly. Fry them in a sauce pan with olive oil. When golden brown, add soy single cream, spices and water if you prefer more liquid. Boil on medium heat for about 20min.

Purple coleslaw

1. 1 small to medium Purple cabbage
2. 3 Apples
3. Leek
4. 50ml Soy single cream (or cashew cream)
5. Salt, pepper

Cut cabbage and leek really thinly. Grate the apples and mix all together in a bowl with soy single cream. Add salt and pepper to taste. 

Apple pies

1. 6 Apples
2. Puff pastry 
3. 3tsp Ground cinnamon
4. 1/2 cup Coconut sugar (or any other sugar)

Peel the apples and slice them into small wedges. Add sugar and cinnamon, leave them for about 20min to soak in.
Preheat oven to 180.
Cut the puff pastry into even rectangular pieces, fill one half with apples, make small cuts in the other half, then fold together and close the sides. 
Cook in the oven for about 20-30min. 

Maple Mustard Parsnips and Carrots

1. 4 Parsnips
2. 4 Carrots
3. 2tbsp Wholegrain mustard
4. 3tbsp Maple syrup
5. Salt, pepper and olive oil

Peel the carrots and parsnips and cut them in large similar sizes to make sure they cook evenly.
Preheat oven to 180.
Place veggies on the baking tray, add olive oil, mustard, maple syrup and spices. Cook in the oven for about 30min. 

Cabbage pie

1. 325ml warm water (little over room temperature)
2. 7g dried yeast
3. 1tsp salt
4. 2tbsp olive oil
5. 500g plain flour 
6. 1 small to medium cabbage
7. 2 large onions
8. salt, pepper, olive oil

Pour yeast in the warm water and leave for 10min to activate. Then add salt and flour, mix well. Grease the bowl with oil and place the dough in, cover with cling film or clean towel and leave for 40-60 min to rise. 
Cut the cabbage and onions thinly and cook on the pan with olive oil while  golden brown. Add salt and pepper.
Preheat oven to 180.
Roll dough into rectangle and place the cooked cabbage on top and place into oven for about 30min. 

Blackbean Mushroom NutRoast

1. 1 cup of mixed crushed nuts2. 150g mushrooms3. 1  medium carrot
4. 1 medium onion
5. Garlic
6. 2 small celery sticks
7. 1 can of black beans 
8. 100g breadcrumbs 
9. 1/2 cup plain flour
10. 3-4tbsp mild ground flaxseeds and water to form egg white mixture
11. Thyme
12. Salt, pepper, oregano, smoked paprika
13. Olive oil

Slice all vegetables and mushrooms in fine pieces or use food processor. Mix with all other ingredients and spices. Add more water or oil if the mixture is too dry. 
Preheat oven to 180.
Place the mixture into loaf tin and cook in oven for 40-60min.
Let it cool a little before taking out of the tin, then slice into even pieces and cook them on a medium high heat with olive oil while golden brown from both sides. 

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