January 21, 2019

THE Best Vegan Lasagna

Look, I really don’t mean to brag…….but I’m going to brag. This is truly the best vegan lasagna you’ll eat! It’s awesome and it happens to be one of my favorite recipes. I usually only dish this out when I’m having a special dinner or I’m having omnivores over who are terrified of what veggie concoction I might make them. I especially love the latter! As soon as they take their first bite, they thank me for making something non-vegan for them. Ha! When I tell them it’s actually 100% vegan, their faces are priceless!

I credit this to using an awesome sauce and my kick ass tofu ricotta and basic white sauce recipe. No matter what you decide to fill it with, if you have these three components, it’ll be a hit every time! Feel free to turn this basic recipe into an all white lasagna or an all veggie lasagna with zucchini layers instead of pasta for a nice variation.

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Best Vegan Lasagna

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Basic White Sauce

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Cashew Heavy Cream

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