November 13, 2018

How I lost my period on a RAW VEGAN Diet

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It’s a vegan thing 6″ sticker *E851* decal vegetarian diet meatless vegans

It's a vegan thing 6
  • Easyto Apply
  • Instructions Included
  • Free Practice Sticker
  • 7 year premium vinyl

There is no background color. The surface that you apply the sticker to will become your background color. This will be a single color sticker. This is a DIE-CUT vinyl decal meaning that the background has been trimmed off. If there is a background color in the picture, it is used only as a representation. The background color will be the surface color you place the sticker on (or clear if you put it on a window). The decal will come with clear transfer tape, so you can easily apply it to anythi

List Price: $ 3.99


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