February 16, 2019

Great Vegan Recipes(6): Vegan Lunch Ideas and The Vegan Hotdogs

Great Vegan Recipes(6): Vegan Lunch Ideas and The Vegan Hotdogs

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Veganism is not an easy life style and people find it hard, expecially at the beginning, to find new and tasty recipes for their daily cooking.

Learn how to make some amazing lunches for your loved ones or for yourself and how to bake The Vegan Hotdogs in only a few minutes.
These are great and healthy dishes and 100% vegan you can make easily in your kitchen.
The hotdogs might be not that healthy, actually, but it is a good way to impress people who are not vegans (yet) and show them, that we can still eat great food as vegans.

Take a look at the ingredients you need for these two vegan recipes.


Lunch 1:
– pasta or dinner from last night
– fruit/berries
– almonds
– olives
– almond milk chocolate

Lunch 2:
– humus
– tomatoes
– lettuce
– tofurky
– avocado
– any toppings you like
– fruit
– coconut milk yogurt
– drink as you like

The Vegan Hotdogs:
– crescent rolls
– vegan hotdogs

How to cook The Vegan Hotdogs:
– preheat oven to 375° C
– open your crescent rolls
– unroll the dough and tear into triangles
– slice the hotdogs into half (you need eight pieces of hotdog for 1 package of crescent rolls)
– wrap up the hotdogs
– bake for 12-15 minutes (until golden brown)


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