December 11, 2018

Can Diet Cure Hypothyroidism?

Can Diet Cure Hypothyroidism?

An investigation into all that is thyroid from iodine and autoimmune reactions to epidemiology and personal stories.
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My Cookbook:
TIY Tiny House Channel:

Vegan Kids Magazine:

Vegan Reversing Hypothyroidism, TSH Chart:

Menaka reverses hypothyroidism with vegan diet:

Reversing Hashimoto’s, Ellen Fisher:

Kerri Gardner’s Vegan story:

Vegan Food For Thought Reversing Hypothyroidism:

Prevalence of Hypothyroidism:

High iodine might decrease thyroid hormone:

Review of Iodine and Thyroid Main Study:

High iodine and increased thyroid volume:

Vegans have half the hypothyroidism risk:

High BMI lowers HT quality of life:

Why You Need Cow’s Milk Article:

Dr. Greger on Bite Size Vegan:

Meat and Thyroid Health Article:

Why You Need Meat in Thyroid Nutrition and Healing

Cholesterol and Hypothyroid:

My videos that cover Tyrosine and Tryptophan:

Brussel Sprout Goitrogen Study:

Goitrogen also Anti-cancer:

Yersinia and thyroid immune cross-reactivity:

Yersinia antibody 14x higher in people with Hashimotos:

CDC Yersinia infection mainly from pork:

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