November 18, 2018

Can a Vegan Diet Cure Cancer?

A level-headed look at claims of vegan diets for cancer as well as an in-depth look at the research with 28 studies on the topic.
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My Cookbook:
TIY Tiny House Channel:

Vegan Cancer Rates Study 1:

Vegan Cancer Rates Study 2:

Dr. Colin Campbell’s Rat Study:

Ornish Blood and Cancer Study 1:

Blood and Cancer Study 2 (Not Ornish):

William Li Study:

William Li TED Talk:

Breast Cancer and Soy Japan:

“(IGF-1) contributes to the promotion of angiogenesis…”

IGF-1 and Animal Protein and Vegan Levels:

Milk raised blood IGF-1 levels by 10%:

Estrogen fuels breast cancer, female reproductive cancers:

“The daily intake of total investigated estrogens through milk…is dramatically more than currently recognized.”

“Previous studies have shown that about 60-80% of estrogens come from milk and dairy products in western diets.”

Cow’s milk on tumors increased growth:

Cow’s milk increases estrogen and lowers testosterone:

Heme iron and cancer:

Plant foods average 64x times antioxidants than animal:

Neu5gc and cancer:

Heterocyclic Amines:

“elevated glucose…predictor of poor survival in cancer patients”

Juice Products Association Study:

Oxygen Chamber Study:

Low Oxygen and Epigenetics and Cancer:

Clearing Arteries on a Whole Food Vegan Diet Trial:

Fat in blood and low oxygen:

Exercise and oxygen:

High vs Low Exercise 20% lower cancer:


The Raw Vegan Path

Chris Beat Cancer:

How I used the Raw Vegan Diet to Beat Cancer

Other Guy that beat cancer:
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