February 16, 2019

Breakfast Cereal | Raw. Vegan. Not Gross.

Grab a seat, Laura’s making breakfast. These groats, with a bonus apple crumble and cream, are a great alternative to those humdrum smoothies and can be served warm during cold winter months. FULL RECIPE BELOW

Breakfast Cereal Recipe:


2 cups buckwheat groats, soaked 1 hour
1/2 c maple syrup
2 t cinnamon
1 t salt
1/8 t stevia

Baked Apples: (optional)
2 apples
1 T coconut oil
1 t vanilla extract
pinch of salt
1 t cinnamon

Cashew Cream: (optional)
2 cups cashews
½ cup maple syrup
¼ cup lemon juice
1 t vanilla extract
pinch of salt
½ cup coconut oil


1. Soak buckwheat groats for at least one hour, then rinse
2. Combine all remaining ingredients in a medium-sized bowl
3. Mix thoroughly
4. Spread on a teflex sheet and dehydrate overnight or bake on a silpat in oven at 200 degrees for 1 hour
5. Pour milk over it. Cereal. Done.


Complete steps 1-4 above.
5. Cut two apples into small slices, toss with coconut oil, vanilla, salt and cinnamon
6. Spread onto a teflex sheet and dehydrate overnight, or bake on a silpat sheet in the oven at 200 degrees for 1 hour

Cashew Cream
1. Soak cashews for at least 1 hour, then strain and add to food processor
2. Add maple syrup, lemon juice, vanilla, salt and coconut oil then blend
3. Assemble by placing roasted apples, crumble, and optional cream in layers to make a
breakfast parfait

– high in protein, fiber, B vitamins
– high in calcium, iron, and folic acid
– lower cholesterol

Director: Eric Slatkin
Producer: Emily Mraz
Starring: Laura Miller
DP’s: Ramy Romany / Sharra Romany / Chris Low
Sound: Justin Gay
PA: James Navaira
Food Stylist: Maria Zizka — www.mariazizka.com
Hair and Make-up: Linda Sammut
Editors: Eric Slatkin and Jeremiah Mayhew
Recipes by: Laura Miller
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