November 16, 2018


WASUUPPPP!! Welcome back for todays quick & super easy Vegan meal prep video! Hope you guys enjoy! Get an extra 20% off your first order on Thrive Market + Free Shipping + Free 30 Day Trial, Click here: (You HAVE to try the cashew bars from Primal Kitchen…heaven. Your welcome.) Also, leave requests below for more meals/desert ideas for the next prep video, I want to get outside my comfort zone & try some new recipes this week!

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Ive mentioned Thrive in a bunch of previous videos, I truly think they have unbeatable prices & its such a simple way to order your food straight to your home if your a busy on the go student, or parent, etc. They have thousands of vegan products, just search the “vegan” category for up to 50% off retail. Also everything sold on the site is safe, non-toxic, non-BPA which is great for my son & I know you guys will appreciate. If you dont know what to order, here are some of my personal favorites from the site:
-Primal Kitchen Avocado Mayo
-Justins Almond Butter
-Kind Popped Snack Bites Dark Chocolate
-Primal Kitchen Cashew Bars (Light blue & white packaging)
-Crunchy Mini Chocolate Chip Cookies
-Inka Crops Plantain Chips
-Marys Gone Crackers Original Crackers

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*You get free shipping & returns with that link; huge thank you in advance for using it to support my son & I.

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*This video is not sponsored. Everything shown was purchased by me or gifted as PR if mentioned.
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