February 16, 2019

3 Easy Raw Vegan Dinner Recipes


Sweet Chilli Noodle Salad
– Add as many greens as you want to a bowl (I used one mixed salad pack and some swiss chard)
-Add noodles/any other veggies on top (I added 3 zucchinis and half a cucumber spiralised)
DRESSING: One punnet of baby tomatoes, a large handful of coriander/cilantro, 2 bell peppers, 4 dates and as much chilli as you like

Mango and Tomato Noodles
-Spiralise four zucchinis
DRESSING: Half of a large mango(I ate the other half later on) or one small mango, half of an avocado, half a punnet of baby plumb tomatoes, 3 stalks of celery, a large handful of basil, the juice of one lemon

Zucchini rice tacos and creamy corn sauce
– Pulse four zucchinis to a ‘rice’ consistency
-Shred 2 cobs of corn
DRESSING: The corn, one punner of baby plumb tomatoes, a salad pack, a small handful of both basil and rosemary, juisce of one lemon and as much chilli as you like
– Add 2 stalks of celery and another half pack of tomatoes
-Eat in boats or pour the sauce on top and eat alone!

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