January 21, 2019

10 Year Vegan Eats Nothing But Beef For 30 Days: Amazing Carnivore Diet Before And After Story

10 Year Vegan Eats Nothing But Beef For 30 Days to heal his gut. I had ulcerative colitis and managed to cure it on a fruit based vegan diet. But my colon never fully healed, and I was suffering from constipation, bloating and pain. I tried every vegan diet imaginable with no relief in symptoms. I watched an interview with Mikhaila Peterson who healed herself eating nothing but beef. I was sick of the mediocre results on a vegan diet so I decided to try the carnivore diet. This is my before and after story. Will I go vegan again? Or stay on the beef cleanse? I’m getting amazing results, but I’m worried about my long term health. From vegan to carnivore. Can humans be carnivores?!

Thank you all for the amazing support over the last few days, it’s keeping me going. This is not an easy switch for me emotionally. I felt much better promoting a vegan diet, but I just wasn’t getting the results I should after 10 years, and it was getting impossible to narrow down my food sensitivities. I was losing faith that veganism was even healthy. I am talking with Gojiman and considering getting those tests done, but I will have to add some plants back slowly to experience those same symptoms for the tests to show anything, and that makes me a little nervous.

So for now, it’s nice to be relieved of the symptoms, so I’ll give it a little while longer. I want to clear something up though. I’m getting a lot of unnecessary and misplaced hate from vegans about all this. They are blindly assuming that I’m contributing to animal suffering and torture which I’m not. They don’t seem to understand that I’m not contributing to factory farming. I’m buying grass fed beef from cows who live good lives out in the field just like they would in nature. There is literally no difference between a wild cow’s life and a free range one except the farmed ones are protected from predators, and their death is quicker and less painful. Imagine getting eaten alive by wolves or starving to death in the wild. If you open the fence and let the cows go, they won’t even leave lol. They are happy, and they will eventually die anyways in much crueler ways. If I need meat temporarily to get healthy, this is the most ethical way to do it. One cow could feed me for a year likely. That’s one life. A cow who lived a good life and was put down in a way no worse than he would have died in nature. Compare that to someone eating grains for a year who will have contributed to many more animal deaths than I have.

So lets be real here, the living conditions of animals are the biggest problem with animal agriculture. Factory farming is despicable and I don’t support it. And grass fed cows are not bad for the environment. Mono crops of wheat, corn and soy are much worse for the soil. You think migrating herds of buffalo are destroying the world by eat it’s grass? It’s how nature was meant to be, they renew the soil with their wonderful poo, so do some research before you bring outdated and incorrect cowspiracy type arguments that aren’t actually true. And it’s not like the whole world needs to eat beef. There can be plenty of healthy vegans and omnivores being fed sustainable here without factory farming.

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